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Brave GentleMan Lookbook SS/18

Brooklyn, NYC

Shot on location in the Brave GentleMan Flagship in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Brave GentleMan designer Joshua Katcher advocates for high-end men’s fashion with a discerning quality, fit to disrupt the fashion industry.

The label embraces a slow-fashion production model and invests in sustainable innovation, superior vegan materials, ethical labor & classic styles made with quality.

Styling / Joshua Katcher
Post / Mathäus Jagielski


“I believe that the increasing velocity of ‘fast-fashion’ is one very visible manifestation of a much larger and deeper problem. Brave GentleMan isn’t a final solution, but a means by which to invest in systems that we believe should flourish and ultimately replace more problematic systems.”
Joshua Katcher – Brave GentleMan

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