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Bushwick Diaries

Photography, Videography,
Art Direction
Brooklyn, NYC

Talent / Julia Koch
Styling / Kimberly Cauty
Grading / Gerrit Piechowski

“We spent our days fleeing raindrops and shopping vintage clothes. We had bad luck with the weather and our luck got even worse when it came to our accomodation: We had mice, we had roommates with flexible hygiene and the fridge was both downright disgusting as well as not functioning.

But we had us.”

All imagery for the clip as well as the limited hardcover volume was shot on a rooftop on Monrose Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Limited Edition Book & Prints
100 copies made, numbered
20 prints each made, numbered and framed

Video: Camera, Edit
Book & Prints: Art Direction, Graphic Design

Shots from the hardcover volume & limited framed prints published in collaboration w/ Journal Eins Atelier für Kommunikation in 2012 (sold out).

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