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Vegan Good Life Magazine

Art Direction, Editorial Direction
Cologne / Berlin
 founded 2014

Created with a small team of likeminded creatives, Vegan Good Life was aimed to become the very first high quality international print collectable on plantbased counterculture. Packed with the very best in vegan fashion, travel, lifestyle, art & design, the publication caters to the forward thinking individualist, triggering change through responsible consumerism.

Through creating Vegan Good Life, the team and I delivered proof that a pleasing aesthetic is not contradictory to a circumspectly and aware lifestyle. The sought-after coffeetable magazine has readers from Australia, Canada, the US, Singapore, Japan and all over Europe, delivering carefully curated, sophisticated content from the uprising subculture that is veganism. Talks with artists and musicians, travel journals, fashion editorials and high quality photography set the tone of the publication.

Printed on recycled paper and bound using vegan adhesive binding.
Designed and curated in Cologne & Berlin, Germany. Shipped worldwide.

Issues 01 - 04
bilingual, English & German
Dec. 2014
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Photography Lead

taken from “Why making a niche Print Magazine was a Bad Idea”, published on Medium

“We had embarked on a journey to embrace a full-on vegan lifestyle a couple years prior and were looking for ways to implement the political agenda that comes with it into our daily lives more. We wanted to chip in, do our part, become at least part-time animal rights activists. But instead of learning a new trade, we figured it might be a good approach to use the things we were already good at — you know, doing what you already excel at instead of starting from the bottom and not getting anywhere fast. We liked fast better.

– Issue #03 (sold out) came w/ two different covers
What we had in mind was utterly different and to think that there could be a vital advertising market for a print magazine that’s so arty, minimalistic and maybe even a bit snobby as the one we set out to make, might have been slightly… delusional.

– Issue #03, fast forward

We came to realize that making the exact magazine we ourselves would want to read meant that we would cater to the niche inside the niche. And yes, advertising-wise, this scenario turned out exactly as lucrative as it sounds.“

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